About Cynthia Skari

Cynthia SkariCynthia earned a Master of Science degree in Textiles and Clothing with a minor in art from Iowa State University. She taught clothing-design related classes at Colorado State University. A longtime member of Fashion Group International, Denver Region, she was also, for many years, one of fewer than 100 Certified Image Professional members of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI, CIP).

After graduate school, Cynthia lived in Asia for three years and traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. She studied the clothing and coloring of many racial and ethnic groups, absorbing the colors native to a wide variety human colorings and cultures. This research became the backbone of the Color Quest system.

This completely personalized color/design system identifies each client’s unique personal look. Cynthia’s color and image consulting services improve her clients’ appearance, self-esteem, careers and even their lives. She has received great joy through the years by helping people enhance their unique, God-given beauty.

She also delights in teaching the Color Quest methods she created to color and image consultants worldwide. In addition, many others in the image field use the color packaging (fan) and fabric swatch codes she designed. She is truly a pioneer in the personal color/image field.

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